Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eight week and six days: About the size of a martini olive . . .

-The biggest news of this week is that we've seen the baby! We went in on Wednesday morning to our fertility specialist and I had yet another internal ultrasound. M. came in (he declares that he could pick the baby straight away). The doctor quickly showed us the baby's (massive) head, and then pointed out a wonderful sight - a tiny, beating heart. We also got to see the arm, and the spine of the baby and we have our own print out picture that I like to stare at for hours.

-The doctor also told me to finish my pack of progesterone and that would be it for IVF medication. I had the last one on Friday! So happy to be done with all those unnatural hormones. He also said my ovaries were as normal as expected from an IVF conception.

-General consensus seems to be calling the baby 'junior' or 'turtle' because of the number of eggs we got during the egg pickup.

-The nausea has well and truly kicked in. Some days are worse than others, but the lists of smells I can no longer stand seems endless! Other than that, I think I might almost graze a b cup with my breasts, now; and I am incredibly, bone weary tired.


  1. Yay for all these good things (okay, so nausea and tired are not good things, but at least you have reached holidays?)

    Just found out another friend is in key stages of her second round of IVF. I am praying very hard for both of you.

  2. how weir are they when their heads are so ridiculously out of proportion with their bodies? it is both creepy and awesome.
    i hope the nausea passes soon, an the exhaustion goes away.

  3. Sounds so amazing to see the baby and the heart beat!! Can't wait :-)