Sunday, December 11, 2011

7 weeks and 6 days. Around the size of the diamond on Nicole Richie's engagement ring . . .

Long time, no post. Mostly because I've been finishing up at one job, plus going away on a retreat for another. The retreat was interesting because no one knows I'm pregnant there yet (waiting for the second trimester), so I couldn't explain things away when I felt off. Also, making sure I could eat the food was kind of special. Luckily the nausea was kind to me, as long as I kept away from the cooked mushrooms.

Most of my nausea is smell related. Mushrooms, coffee, chocolate and cheese toast from Sizzlers (darn) are out. Mashed potatoes, Gouda cheese, jelly lollies and almost any red meat are in. I can handle tea, but that's it for hot drinks, cold drinks are fine as long as they aren't too fizzy or milk based. So, world's most boring diet. (Also, if you're going to serve me tomatoes, they'd better be fresh because I can taste when they're not)

Tiredness is my life at the moment. M. regularly wakes me up when I fall asleep on the couch, and some tasks leave me zombie like. Probably because this week the embryo has (hopefully) doubled in size. Then there's the time spent staring at my now noticeable breasts (exciting when you start with a small A cup)

Wednesday is the day for our first scan, and therefore the first hurdle for my anxiety to get over ( well after the anxiety of going for fertility treatment, choosing ivf, giving myself injections and going through the egg retrieval). If all is well then, we may be able to look at telling less immediate family for Christmas.

Meanwhile, my baby stash grows. Mostly because I'm leaving my job and people want to give me a gift while they can. I look at them as gifts of love, and know that even if something goes wrong, I'll out them aside for later, knowing they were given with love and will be used with love eventually.


  1. i got queasy with certain smells too - food courts, men's deodorant, etc.
    but luckily it wasn't too bad and passed really quickly.
    it's good that coffee is putting you off, because too much caffiene isn't good for you anyway - i was craving coffee and not allowed to have it. i resorted to decaf sometimes, but it's nowhere near as good.
    can't wait to hear about the upcoming scan! :)

  2. Men's deodorant! M.s is ok, pretty inoffensive, but a kid sprayed a tonne of Lynx on near the open classroom door and I had to go stand near the window. Sometimes aftershave gets me too. I like most perfumes though . . .