Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well . . . That is 'Interesting' News

Today my husband M. contacted the fertility doctor's rooms in regards to the tests he had done on the weekend. In his discussion, he was able to find out quite a lot of information to be further discussed in our next appointment.

Most of the news was positive. M. is all 'normal', which is really wonderful news. Most of my tests came back great, including the one which measured the 'age' of my reproductive system - basically finding out if it's in the state it should be for a 29 year old. Just one test threw up a question . . .

The bloody thyroid test.

Remember Stupid Doctor? The one who told us to just go back and try a bit more? Well one of the things he did do was put me in for basic blood tests, including my thyroid. I've had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis for a couple of years now, which is controlled with a simple tablet every day. I'm not great at remembering to get my blood tested, but the last few times, both doctors who have tested it have expressed concern about the levels, and said if it continues they'll revisit the dosage. Stupid Doctor said no such thing, instead completely clearing me with the nurse (despite all the doctors being at the same practice and my file containing the notes of other doctors).

But the blood tests taken at the fertility clinic only a couple of weeks later are showing my levels to be right out. And one of the main symptoms of this . . .infertility.

The stupid bloody doctor has basically missed the easiest thing to diagnose about me. Thank goodness I went to another doctor. Thank goodness he referred me to a good doctor. But we've basically wasted at least two cycles and a huge amount of stress and energy for such a treatable thing.

The good news is, though, that this is a treatable thing. And the treatment makes me feel better, which is just a bonus. It'll probably combat the fatigue, headaches, digestive problems and about ten other things which are classic symptoms of my levels being out. And which I probably would have put together if the stupid doctor hadn't cleared me.

Stupid bloody doctor!


  1. argh! i want to take that doctor and put him in a hole!

    i hope this news means progress can be made.

  2. oh my gosh! That's -- half fantastic news and half BLOODY INFURIATING news. But if it's easily fixed, that's WONDERFUL!

    I ... now need to google everything related to Hashimoto's and fertility because you've suddenly put the fear of God into me. Not that I'm trying for a baby but one day I sure as fuck want some!