Sunday, September 11, 2011

All systems going ahead . . .

Two of the bibs I crocheted for my best friend
This has truly been a week of ups and downs when it comes to everything fertility related (and in my mind at the moment, everything is fertility related).

Monday and Tuesday were relatively quiet, though not without their quirks. Wednesday morning brought my period with it, along with the first lot of work colleagues approaching me to make sure I was ok (no, not really).

Thursday was filled with more inquiries into my well-being (just tired, I tell them. Not sleeping well). Then I met up with my best friends for coffee. One of my friends is pregnant, and I had crocheted gifts for her, which once again made me realise how healthy the crocheting is for me. Seeing her joy at the unexpected gifts, knowing they're going to be loved and used, filled me with joy, something which I really needed at that point in time.

Then, within half an hour of giving her the gifts, there was the phone call from M. and a whole heap of new emotions, from anger and frustration, through to hope.

Since then, I've gone back and done some reading on hypothyroidism and how it affects health in general and fertility specifically. The general symptoms are well documented - tired, aching, weight gain and digestive issues are the most well known, but it can also show in slowing speech (which may explain the trouble I've had reading aloud this year?), hoarse voice (big problem this year, but may be because I've had to yell more), drooping eyelids, intolerable to cold (though it was cold in my state this winter!), coarse and dry skin (even the fertility doctor picked this one), dry hair and tingly hands. The problem is, of course, is that these things are relatively innocuous and can be explained by other things. However, if they are symptoms, I'm going to feel great when we adjust the medication dosage - and feeling great has to help fertility.

The information on hypothyroidism and fertility is less conclusive. I've seen information which suggests it makes ovulation less likely, while other information talks about problems with the luteal phase, making it difficult for a fertilized egg to implant - basically a chemical pregnancy. Either way, I'm going to wait until I see the specialist and ask him what his take on it is. I'm also going to ask what my levels were - good for fertility is 1.0, but acceptable range in Australia (for non-fertility) is up to 3.0, I believe. If it's close to that, I'm going to be adding that to the complaint I make about Stupid Doctor.

What comes next? Well I get a short week at work this week, because Friday I need to have a HSG (hysterosalpingogram) which is an x-ray of my uterus and fallopian tubes. The doctors describe this test as 'uncomfortable' which is a term they also used the last time I was recovering from surgery (bloody painful would have been a better description). Then the Monday after that we're back at the fertility specialist for our 'where to' update and a shiny prescription for some 'make me healthy again' tablets.

The baby blanket I crocheted

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  1. your crochet skills ares amazing.
    i'm so glad you have new reasons to be hopeful!