Sunday, August 28, 2011

So what next . . .

Last week we had our first Specialist Appointment. So far there have been three main repercussions from that appointment:

1. My arm developed the worst bruise ever from the blood tests. Honestly, it looked like someone had grabbed me quite violently every day for a week. It's finally faded to a yellow now.

2. M received a phone call from his GP to urgently discuss one of the blood tests taken at the specialist. It had turned up very high levels of potassium, which could mean he was at high risk of a heart attack. Thankfully the test was false and he's all healthy. We've had no other call about the blood tests which is a Good Thing because they generally only call when there's an issue.

3. It's been ovulation week (and a bit, to try to accommodate my slightly wonky cycle ATM) which has actually been a lot more fun than it has recently - probably because we know there's something happening.

Other than that, I've read a few more fertility books and talked with a couple of people at work who've also gone through the whole thing. Now, just to get through the rest of the Two Week Wait . . .

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  1. the tww is the worst. fingers crossed this is your last one x