Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Post of Photos: Craft and Bump

I have lots and lots of crafty photos to show you, plus two gratuitous bump photos to show you how quickly I ballooned :)

Crocheted applique - Hungry Little Caterpillar

Crocheted Applique - Spitfire with Clouds. This photo was taken before the sewing on was done

Crochet Applique: The Cat in the Hat (with bonus fish!)

Another photo taken before I sewed it down. A bit of a potions master onesie

Golden Snitch and broomsticks design

A giraffe inspired baby hat and booties

Pigeon inspired baby hat and booties

Plain old purple and cream baby hat and booties

An old fashioned flight helmet hat

Bump photo: Taken on the 2nd March

Bump photo: Taken on the 14th March

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