Saturday, March 24, 2012

22 Weeks and 5 Days: Nearly the length of a ruler

It's been a while because Blogspot's new blogging format makes it nearly impossible to post from my iPad. So, my intention is to write a few posts here and then at some point work out a way to post them. Or find a more stable blogging platform . . .

The very empty baby's room as of last weekend.
I'm nearly at 23 weeks now, and definitely nice and round. Turtle/Squirm is moving around quite a lot now, particularly in the morning and mid afternoon through to when I go to sleep. So, quite a lot really. Also, it turns out that She or He is quite the fan of musical theatre . . .

We've nearly finished getting the nursery basics down (ie. sanding and painting the floor) and then it will be major shopping and decorating time. We're sticking with our theme of an explorer style nursery, and just trying to think about what we'll put in there. There's also been clothes shopping, stuff shopping and a fair amount of crafting going on. (Photo post soon!)

I've been fortunate enough to get some baby cuddles recently. My friend's baby is 11 weeks old now, and is absolutely cuddleable. I also told him about the pharaohs last time we had cuddles - I figure he really should be learning his history as early as possible.

It's a pretty quiet update, all in all. But there'll be photos coming soon, which will make the whole thing much more exciting :)

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