Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ten weeks and six days: the length of an individual sugar packet

It's been a big week socially, and a small week baby related.

- Christmas was good. I rocked a green salad full of things I wanted to and could eat, but it was hard to find non cold-meat to eat.

- I turned 30 on Thursday and celebrated with a dinner with friends and family

- I slept for three hours through the day yesterday, so I was able to stay up to see in the new year.

- One of my best friends held her baby shower on Friday morning. It was very low key - just a morning tea and presents, but she loved the crocheted hat and monster booties I gave her :)

- I've been a bit crochet crazy, so far Turtle has a monkey hat, a big sunburst blanket and most of a cardigan. (I'll post photos soon, I promise!)

- My nausea seems to have died down a bit, though travel sickness isn't fun. I get the occasional headache, but nothing too serious. Turtle seems to be applying a bit of pressure in the pelvic region - I seem to have the world's smallest bladder at the moment :)

- I had to buy new bras this week. I'm up a cup size, which is kinda weird.

1 comment:

  1. glad the nausea is abating. i hope it's totally gone soon.
    we're definitely going to need to see photos of all the lovely things you're making!