Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12 weeks and 1 day: Around the size of my pinkie finger . . .

My update is a bit late this week because I spent my weekend in Sydney :)

- I hit the magical 12 weeks yesterday. It's a nice feeling. I've also seen my local GP who's taking on my care now. He did a range of medical tests which all came back good. My blood pressure is also good.

- My nausea is pretty much gone. About one small wave a day now. I also seem to have more energy than I had last week.

- My belly seems more rounded and my pelvic area a little less crowded. Because of the bloating, it's hard to tell if I've 'popped' or not, but I'm kind of loving my new shape. This is a good thing because I'm starving most of the time - particularly for fruit.

- I bought my first maternity clothes this week - just a pair of work pants and a nice work skirt. They were about the same price I'd pay for regular clothes of that quality and they should last through the pregnancy. My new boss has stressed professional dressing, so these should definitely do the job.

- My best friend had her baby! He was five weeks early and is currently in the special care nursery, but the way he's going he'll probably be home soon. My friend is looking well, despite the very rushed birth (an emergency Caesarian with only an hours notice).


  1. Congratulations on getting to the 12 weeks!! I'm so happy that things are going well with your pregnancy. I hope my nausea goes by then as well. All the best.

  2. you're doing this by the book, aren't you?! nausea (mostly) over after 1st trimester, energy returning in the 2nd. you're right on schedule :)

    i hope your friend gets to take her baby home very soon x

  3. The energy even came back in time for me to get some cleaning done today :) Before I could only do around 15 minutes at a time, today I did almost three hours, even with the heat