Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And the award for most scanned ovaries go to . . .

Back to the doctors again this morning - I feel like I'm living there at the moment. Another scan showed no more follicles (phew) just the sixteen that were already there (16!). All a good size, all healthy.

Which is Good News. The egg pickup (or harvest as I like to refer to it) is booked for Monday at 2.30pm. The trigger injection, therefore, has to be given at 2.30am on Sunday. 2.30am. 2.30 in the morning . . .

Unfortunately, this good news means I'm experiencing quite a lot of ovary pain, and walking, sitting and standing are not so easy at the moment. Or wearing pants. I wore my last pair of loose pants yesterday, my only skirt with elastic today and I'm pretty much going to be wearing tracksuit pants by Friday. The doctor offered to bring me ugh boots to wear for the next scan (another one!) then.

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