Sunday, February 5, 2012

15 weeks and 6 days: About the length of a mascara . .

Not a big update today, because things are not terribly busy around the baby front here:

- I've not been feeling the most comfortable. My feet are swelling just enough to make my shoes uncomfortable, so they've been off whenever I can. I can't get really comfortable at night, and the other day I was woken half a dozen times with terrible calf cramps. Also, I seem to have mega saliva at the moment.

- The bump continues to grow. When people see me front on, they tell me how small I am. When they see my side on, they tell me how big it is. I can see it, and I love it, so I don't really care what they think.

- M and I are really enjoying reading about Turtle's development. The amount he or she will grow over these next few weeks is just scary!

- We also made our first foray into a baby shop (after visiting the mower shop next door). I was thrilled to see the exact sort of things I was after, and at a really reasonable price. Think we'll be making some purchases there (the busy staff member was also hugely friendly even though we weren't buying yesterday)

-I'm becoming more aware of the possible risk of developing another hernia. I'm so glad I didn't vomit at all, because that would have out a lot of strain on the area. I need to assess things carefully over the next few months to make sure I don't do any damage.

- We have our booking in appointment at the hospital this week. Can't wait to tell them about the reflux, IVF and hernias!

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  1. the calf cramps are the worst - i got them too. they disappeared immediately after arty was born, though. i mostly got them when i stretched my legs, which was something i did when half asleep, and thus not conscious enough to remember not to do it!

    i hope your appt at the hospital goes well. how exciting!